Lili and Gracies Helpful Hints and Tips 

Job Hunting - Do's and Dont's


1. Try to limit your CV to 1 - 2 pages

2. Make sure it is set out so that it is easy to read

3. Always proof read or use spell check on your computer to remove any spelling or punctuation errors

4. Fill any gaps in work history (if your unsure ask your consultant)

5. References - Previous employers are preferred but not essential (Please do not put friends or family)

We can assist you with your CV - just ask your consultant


1. Always research the company before interview -things such as where it is, how are you going to get there, is the company for you?  - If you are unsure ask one of our consultants whom will look after you

2. Always arrive early (if possible) and dress appropriately - In your welcome pack our dress code will assist with ideas

3.. Turn your mobile and other electronic devices off

4. Think of some suitable questions to ask the interviewer - Such as training and future prospects, the ennvironment and what they expect from you - Never ask about salary, our consultants will provide that information and negotiate on your behalf

5. Always end the interview with a positive - show enthuhsisam or your interest in the vacancy - ask the next stage of the process

6. If you are unsure or unable to answer questions ask the interviewer to repeat or when you speak to your consultant we can re-iterate any information back to the client.

7. Thank the interviewer for their time and close.

Basic Mental Health

What does mental health mean?

It is a combination of both the physical and mental well-being of you as a whole unique and individual person.

We need to start by repairing you  first and then work towards your goals and aspirations.

Here is a list of 3 essential things your body and mind needs to function at an acceptable level to function.

1. Sleep - Is always important get as much as you can when you can, it doesnt have to be what is perceived as the "norm" but what suits you and your environment.

2. Excercise or Outdoors - Fresh Air is the best solution to clear the mind and guess what?  Its FREE,  no gym costs or being self-conscious because those fit gym instructors might be looking at your wobbly bits!

3. Food - We cannot all afford these super dooper - low cholesterol, no carbs fad diets - do the best you can with what you have - Water is important it re-hydrates the brain and body.  If you cant afford fresh, fruit and vegetables replace them with vitamins. Milk is also a great source of protein - mums you can get vitamins on your healthy start tokens! Check out the reduce and sell by date sections in your local supermarket too....

Sounds very basic right?  But we all fail due to our busy lives of family, work, socialising and education we sometimes neglect the basic things our bodies need to function.

Take time to down tools, computers, phones.Just because COVID 19 is a distant after thought does not mean we have to rush back to the rat race.