About Us

Our Goals and Aspirations

It is the intention of The Lili and Grace Group to work closely with our local community and businesses to help improve the lives of families and young people by offering services as whole approach and or person centred.

We believe that in order to provide and promote high quality, sustainable homecare provision, family helpers, counselling, advocacy and employment.

You must first look at the person and/or family as individuals and on their own merits.

We also believe that time, empathy, a genuine interest in that person and/or family will build a relationship of mutual respect and trust, when used appropriately can assist in helping others improve their life outcomes.

We are in the pursuit of a more “equal” society in the UK, as this has not been achieved due to inequalities and discrimination relating to the distribution of wealth, social class, economy, race, religion, sexual orientation and age.

To take on the role of care giver for those most in need “Lisa Freeman 2021”

People and families are at the heart of what we do...

Miss Freeman the Business Owner of The Lili and Grace Group© has produced a unique group of companies which compliment each other in order to improve life outcomes for all service users.

We will work in conjunction with other vital emergency services to improve individuals, families and the community outcomes by tackling local issues head on.

We aim to do this by being person and family focused. We are a provider of homecare provision, family helpers (advocates), personal assistants, counselling (CBT) and employment to the local community.

The Lili and Grace Group prides itself on its unique approach in combating todays very real societal issues such as Mental Health, Family Court Proceedings, Loneliness, Ageism and         stigma’s such as drug use, alcoholism, homelessness, young      mothers, single parentage and disabilities whether physical or psychological.

Our Timeline 

Miss Freeman the owner of the Lili and Grace Group talks about how the idea of the Lili and Grace Group came about, her vision and her views on the court system, mental health and how pleased she is to be studying her MSC in Psychology after gaining her degree in Early Childhood Studies (social care) and various other counselling and mental health qualifications.

Most importantly how it feels to loose a child whom is very much alive and ,whom only a few miles away due to failings or misinformation given to or made by 3rd parties.

Still to this day Miss Freeman doesnt proprotion blame on any organsation or individual and in fact quite the opposite she uses what she has learnt to improve and highllight the flaws in the family support services.

Effectively making good from a traumatic situation.





Court Proceedings started in relation to daughter - research started on  family matters, mental health and how to combat current societal issues., training and voluneteering in the community  gained experience of working with the homelessness,  dealing with  benefits system, trauma and ptsd became apparent

Ideas for Grace Recruitment Ltd (the lili and grae group) came about and how to combat the gaps in social care roles, and to change conventional recruitment practices to values and behaviours recruitment (I have 15 years experience in recruitment)

Plans for Grace Recruitment put on hold due to to homelessness and COVID 19 - but gave more time for research and re-training and improvement on services - Further training undertaken in Mental Health, Safeguarding (NSPCC)

The Lili and Grace Group modernised image with the wings and lotus flower along with 3 other complimentary and unique services - now as a collective:

1. Lili and Grace Drop In Centres

2.Gracies Counselling and Advocacy Service

3. Grace Recruitment Limited

4. Lilis Street Wise Angels

5. Lili and Grace Drop In Centres

Current Statistics on Societal Issues 2021

264 Million

people affected by Mental Health and Depression (WHO 2021)

45 Million

cases of CSE and Sexual material distributed (Police and ONS 2021)


of people aged 16+ are currently unemployed (ONS 2021)

Our Staff

We are currently recruiting for additonal members of the team - please contact Lisa Freeman on 07713 3705.

Lisa Freeman -

Business Owner of The Lili and Grace Group

Accounts & Payroll

Manager - Grace Recruitment


Manager - The lIli and Grace Advice Line

Customer Service

Lisa Freeman - Gracies Counselling and Advocacy